Teasing Teacher

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Lauren has kept the class back after college, you have all been very badly behaved so she wants you all to get on with the work you should have been doing. You start your work but quickly get distracted when she leans over her desk, you notice that she isn't wearing a bra and her top is very revealing. Lauren catches you looking but instead of telling you off she begins teasing you silently, she whispers that you should take your dick out so you can have a sneaky wank under the desk!

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  1. rowdyJatt02-08-2019

    Love these sort of fantasies, I like lauren as well. Very sexy model.

  2. rowdyJatt02-08-2019

    Wow thank you for doing the teacher bit on this website, would love to see her upskirt teachers video in the same dress… if you possible can? That would be great! Thanks so much! This is why i keep coming back for more. 🙂

    • chris02-10-2019

      Thanks for the comments 🙂 We’ll do more like your request 😀

  3. Cygnar8202-22-2019

    Incredible! Simply and completely incredible!

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