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Vital Stats

Age: 32 years old
Measurement: D Cup
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115lbs
Favorite Position: Doggy!

Hi Guy's I'm Jenny, I know you are going to enjoy watching my naughty videos and I hope I manage to make you come more than just a few time!!

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Video Updates

Featuring Jenny
Teacher Teasing Tits Preview Small

Jenny “Teacher’s Teasing Tits”

You are late handing in your assignment and Jenny wants you to wait around after class so she can mark it, usually you wouldn't be happy...
Private Cleavage Study Preview Small

Jenny “Private Cleavage Study”

You have let Jenny use your private Library to help her out with her college work, you have an ulterior motive though! You never let...
Showing Too Much Preview Small

Jenny “Showing Too Much”

Jenny is getting the living room clean for the get together she has arranged for your friends, she is wearing a very revealing dress and...
Downblouse Apology Preview Small

Jenny “Downblouse Apology”

Jenny has accidentally spilt a drink all over you new carpet, she is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor when you walk in! Your...
Dads Pervy Friend Preview Small

Jenny “Dad’s Pervy Friend”

Jenny's is your best friends hot daughter, when you go around to her house to see her dad you always make excuses to go and see her in...

Photo Sets

Featuring Jenny
Jenny Teachers Teasing Tits 121

Jenny "Teacher’s Teasing Tits"

Pictures taken from Jenny's upcoming scene "Teacher's Teasing Tits" Jenny "Teacher’s Teasing Tits"...
Jenny Private Cleavage Study 120

Jenny "Private Cleavage Study"

Pictures taken from Jenny's upcoming scene "Private Cleavage Study"
Jenny Showing Too Much 112

Jenny "Showing Too Much"

Pictures taken from Jenny's upcoming scene "Showing Too Much"
Jenny Downblouse Apology 113

Jenny "Downblouse Apology"

Pictures taken from Jenny's upcoming scene "Downblouse Apology"
Jenny Dads Pervy Friend 109

Jenny "Dad’s Pervy Friend"

Pictures taken from Jenny's upcoming scene "Dad's Pervy Friend"