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Vital Stats

Age: 21 years old
Measurement: n/a
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 90 lbs
Favorite Position: n/a

Laura is an innocent 18 year old blonde babe that has the type of boobs that just can not be contained in any top she wears. So be on the look out when she bends over or lays down, you just might get an amazing eyeful 😉

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Video Updates

Featuring Laura
I Dare You Preview Small

Laura “I Dare You”

You bump into your old college friend Laura and can't believe how hot she is, you start chatting about all the times you used to flirt...
Perky Tits Nip Slip Preview Small

Laura “Perky Tits Nip Slip”

You have always had the hots for your receptionist Laura and you try to find any excuse to speak to her, mainly because she always wears...
Youre So Naughty Preview Small

Laura “You’re So Naughty”

Laura is looking for a book in your office and is struggling to find it, you have told her it will help her with her college assignment...
Sheerupblouse Preview Large

Laura “Sheer Upblouse”

Laura cleans her kitchen while you admire the view of her perky breasts through her sheer top... Will she catch you JERKING OFF?
Exposedtits Preview Small

Laura “Exposed Tits”

Laura is just finishing some of her kitchen chores before she goes out to sunbathe and you take the opportunity to spy on her great tits...
Bathrobeslips Preview Small

Laura “Bathrobe Slips”

Laura is too busy looking at her bath products to notice you WANKING your COCK over her pretty TITS as her nipples slide out of her...
Laiddownblouse Preview Small

Laura “Laid Down Blouse”

Laura loves teasing a guy with her pert tits by flashing her cleavage and even a nipple aswell. But will she get topless for you?
Sheernippleslips Preview Small

Laura Sheer “Nipple Slips”

Laura is wearing a sheer white blouse and her breasts and nipples can be seen right through it!
Youngandnaive Preview Large

Laura “Young & Naive”

Laura cleans the house but all the time she is bending and flashing her cleavage and nipples! #downblouse #nippleslip
Magazinespread Preview Large

Laura “Magazine Spread”

Laura is reading her magazine and teases with her cleavage and downblouse.

Photo Sets

Featuring Laura
Laura Watching Teachers Tits 113

Laura "Watching Teachers Tits"

Pictures taken from Laura's upcoming scene "Watching Teacher's Tits" Laura "Watching Teachers Tits"...
Laura I Dare You 107

Laura "I Dare You"

Pictures taken from Laura's upcoming scene "I Dare You"
Laura Perky Tits Nip Slip 110

Laura "Perky Tits Nip Slip"

Pictures taken from Laura's upcoming scene "Perky Tits Nip Slip"
Laura Youre So Naughty 109

Laura "You’re So Naughty"

Pictures taken from Laura's upcoming scene "You're So Naughty"
Laura Lets Play A Game 120

Laura "Let’s Play A Game"

Pictures taken from Laura's upcoming scene "Let's Play A Game"
Laura Sheer Upblouse Hd 10

Laura "Sheer Upblouse"

Image gallery taken from Laura "Sheer Upblouse" video scene!
Laura Exposed Tits Hd 0h00m25 000s

Laura "Exposed Tits"

Image gallery taken from Laura "Exposed Tits" video scene!
Laura Bathrobe Slips Hd 0h04m05 000s

Laura "Bathrobe Slips"

Image gallery taken from Laura "Bathrobe Slips" video scene!
Laura Laid Down Blouse Hd 0h03m12 000s

Laura “Laid Down Blouse”

HD image gallery taken from Laura Laid "Down Blouse" video!
Laura Sheer Nipple Slips Hd 0h04m17 000s

Laura Sheer "Nipple Slips"

HD image gallery taken from Laura Sheer "Nipple Slips" video!
Capture3 0h02m52 000s

Laura "Young & Naive"

Screenshot gallery from Laura's "Young & Naive" video!
Laura Magazine Spread Hd 0h05m27 000s

Laura "Magazine Spread"

Screenshot gallery from Laura's "Magazine Spread" video!
Laura written by theking average rating 4.3/5 - 6 user ratings